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How it works

“REDENSYL®, is the newest breakthrough against hair loss and is a synergistic blend of 4 molecules that reactivates the bulge stem cells (ORSc) to favour hair growth.

Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG)

A stabilized polyphenol, which activates the division of hair follicle stem cells, while maintaining their differentiation properties. It protects stem cells from apoptosis (BCL2 activation), and drives them towards the anagen cycle (β-catenin activation), while boosting the metabolism of dermal papilla fibroblasts.

EGCG-glucoside (EGCG2)

A stabilized EGCG derivative used to reduce the typical inflamed state of alopecic scalp (reduction of IL-8), and capture free radicals.


A major constituent of hair proteins, mainly keratin associated proteins (KAP), which support hair growth.


A vital co-factor for numerous enzymes, allowing the incorporation of cystin in keratin for a stronger hair shaft.”


A balanced microbiome is key to healthy skin and hair. And what your microbiome needs the most is healthy bacteria. Prebiotics and probiotics are instrumental for promoting healthy biome.

Our active probiotics come from natural ingredients that are perfect for nourishing your skin’s microbiome

Here at The Fitzrovia Centre we adopt a scientific approach to personal care – analysing what you need internally as well as externally to look your best, feel your best and perform at your absolute best.

To do this all our products are formulated with the sole of aim of boosting the natural hair and skin Microbiome that Mother

Nature created to do that very job. Prebiotics are the very natural nutrients to feed and nourish the very essential microbiome.

As a true British heritage brand, we have always prided ourselves on quality and innovation, delivering high quality results rather than following short-term fads like so many other brands that fail to deliver.

There is a warm fondness and reassurance that people associate with The Fitzrovia Centre around the world.

From our scientific and formulaic experience, we understand that the correct beauty regime is essential to healthy skin and hair.

To find out more about our application of Prebiotics, please explore the rest of our website. Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Made in the UK
Vegan Society
Natural Ingredients
Cruelty Free
Suitable for all skin types
Dermatoligically Tested